Hi! I'm Conner, it's lovely to meet you. I'm a master's of computer science student studying at Carleton University. This website is an embodiment of my passions in computer science, from time to time I'll post interesting content.


Currently, I am a cybersecurity researcher at Carleton University's Internet Security Lab (CISL). My main areas of interest are operating systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtualization.

Operating Systems

One of the largest problems with modern day operating systems is their monolithic nature. I am particularly interested in OSes with a microkernel design, although these are esoteric and have not seen wide adoption, microkernels are (in my opinion) the more secure architecture for operating systems.

Internet of Things

In recent years, the large movement of small internet-connected devices have brought up some new interesting security problems. I am particularly interested in secure IoT operating systems, and secure ecosystems of IoT devices.

Secure Hypervisors

Secure hypervisors are more than just a technology to run a VM on, one way of providing isolation to various components of a monolithic system is through virtualization; however, providing strong security mechanisms in a hypervisor is no easy task.

Heterogeneous Recommender Systems

In my undergrad I worked on researching and extending heterogenenous reccomender systems. The fruit of my labor is an unpublished honours thesis titled "Extending Heterogeneous Recommenders Beyond First-Party Datasets" which aimed to augment an existing recommender system that performs heterogeneous reccomendations using first-party data (e.g. Amazon reviews) with third-party data (e.g. tweets). The augmentation with third party data ultimately improved recommendation accuracy.


What is ADVTech?

ADVTech.org was originally my fathers domain which he used for a variety of things, but sadly our family had to sell the domain for a variety of reasons. Years later when I became interested in building an online presence wanted to repurchase ADVTech.org for sentimental reasons, but the domain had already been snagged. Thus ADVTech.ca was good enough.

An update on this situation: I noticed recently that the .org domain is back on the market! I am now the proud owner of ADVTech.org as well 😃. Since I have been building my web presence using ADVTech.ca for 5+ years, I will just set up the .org domain to redirect to here.

What does it mean exactly? ADVanced TECHnologies.

What technologies does the site use?

There has been a variety of changes over the years. This website is my playground for experimenting with a variety of web technologies, and blogging is an extra perk of all of this. There have been several revisions of the website:

  • Original version was built on WordPress
  • Next version was built on Hexo, Hexo worked well but it was poorly supported, thus
  • Next version was a complex MERN stack I built, while it did have a slick administrative interface the technical debt to convert it to a single page application was too great
  • Next version is built on the Hugo generator, using a heavily modified version of the cupper theme. My modifications to the theme allow it to behave like a proper single page application, so navigation can be nice and speedy.
  • Current version is built using Ghost as a headless CMS, hosted in a containerized environment. The frontend is made with Gatsby,  using Ghost's API as a source for content.